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TiltPort is the future of carports
Case studies: agriculture

Case study
California Napa organic goat cheese farm
Napa solar powered farm
    • Northern California, Solano County, 30KWp.

    • TiltPort has been successfully operating since 2017

    • Zero maintenance needed so far.

    • 1 TiltPort unit. Waterproof, 14 feet clearance. Shelters up to 10 cars, or 3 tractors + trailers, or... tons of hay.

    • Very high efficiency:  > 60,000 KWh per yr, > 2,000 KWh/KWp.

    • Solar TiltPort powers entirely the operation: milking 400 goats, goat cheese processing, refrigeration, office air conditioning, water pumping, etc.

    • Installation in 1+1 day.

    • System was paid back in less than 5 years.

    • Coordinated by Scarlet tracking system. Remotely administered.

    • More on Agriculture here.