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TiltPort is the future of carports

Case studies

Case study
Case study: large sites, corporations
Large sites, corporations
  • Corporation, Silicon Valley, California, 9.7 MWp

  • 296 TiltPort units. Multiple azimuth.

  • Very high efficiency. Over 1,950 KWh/KWp

  • Covers 92% of power usage (data centers). Traditional fixed carports would have produced +/- 30% less power on this site.

  • 2 teams, 2 week installation. On this busy parking lot, installation could have been performed in 1 week or 3 weekends with double shifts, instead of closing the lot for 6 to 9 months with traditional technologies.

  • Coordinated by Scarlet tracking system. Remotely administered.

Logo Scarlet Solar TiltPort single axis solar tracker
EV charging
Case study: cars & trucks charging stations
  • Newest TiltPort version for EV charging stations. 

  • Clearance raised up to 16 feet

  • Up to 16 charging stations per TiltPort unit.

  • Up to 56 KWp per TiltPort unit (MEGA)

  • Multiple units installed back to back.

  • Available in MEGA and STD versions.

  • Easy layout with multiple configurations to fit most sites

  • Available in bifacial, standard or waterproof versions.

  • Can be deployed (almost) anywhere.

  • Very fast deployment

  • TiltPort is code compliant and built by the highest safety standards.

  • Highest KWh per dollar on the market.

  • More on TiltPort EV charging here.

SCARLET-TiltPort-MEGA-charging-stations- SCARLET Solar TiltPort sun tracking EV charging station STD MEGA electric vehicle truck carbon infrastructure electrify america Tesla Ford Daimler Volkswagen Ram Toyota Nissan BMW Mercedes global warming climate
Case study: businesses, schools, churches, etc.
  • Business, Silicon Valley, California, 132KWp.

  • 4 TiltPort units. Waterproof, built-in lighting and sensors.

  • Very high efficiency. Over 1,900 KWh/KWp.

  • Very limited space (roofs cannot be used, lot is small, usage is high). TiltPort is the only way to increase the solar power output.

  • 1+1 day installation.

  • Coordinated by Scarlet tracking system. Remotely administered.

Parking garages
Case study: parking garages
  • Los Angeles, California, 627KWp.

  • 19 TiltPort units. Installed on top of existing parking structure.

  • Very high efficiency. Over 1,960 KWh/KWp (vs 1,460 with fixed).

  • Installed in 1 day without closing the parking garage.

  • Coordinated by Scarlet tracking system. Remotely administered.

Case study: agriculture
  • Northern California, 30KWp.

  • 1 TiltPort unit. Waterproof, 14 feet clearance.

  • Very high efficiency. Over 2,000 KWh/KWp.

  • Solar TiltPort powers entirely the operation.

  • Installation in 1+1 day.

  • Coordinated by Scarlet tracking system. Remotely administered.

  • More on Agriculture here.

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