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Waterproof Scarlet-Solar-TiltPort-powers organic farm

What farmers taught us:

Solano County, Ca, USA

Logo Scarlet Solar TiltPort single axis solar tracker

Farmers: protect yourselves !

TiltPort enables irrigation,
clean power and massive savings.

Agriculture, wineries, growers, batteries, charging applications.
Get up to 70% back through tax incentives and depreciation.
Shelter from utility rate hikes and outages.
Payback in 2-6 yrs*, excellent ROI.

Suntracking, TiltPort produces up to 44% more..
Designed and built in the USA.

TiltPort: largest single axis solar tracker, sun tracking solar array, waterproof for agriculture & wineries equipement, pumps, livestock

Solano County, Ca, USA

TiltPort canopies protect your assets

No more land frozen for ground mount solar
Waterproof version available

TiltPort: largest single axis solar tracker, sun tracking solar array, waterproof for agriculture & wineries equipement, pumps, livestock

Solano County, Ca, USA

TiltPort is customized to your needs:

TiltPort is modular and scalable.
Install as many units as needed, anywhere, anytime.
On-Grid, Off-Grid, batteries, EV chargers, etc.
Plug n' Play, remote controlled, sensors, cameras, etc.

TiltPort Agriculture short video

TiltPort Agriculture short video

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TiltPort: how you can do it

Here is how you can do it.
(California and beyond)

Can you can afford it?

Solar: can you afford it ?

Large, recently increased, federal incentives will now help farmers produce their own free and reliable energy. Up to 70%, easy to get, incentives.


For usually 3-5 years (California), instead of paying the utility, you'll pay for your TiltPorts. Then, free power will be yours for decades.

See below.

Is TiltPort a solution for me ?

Is TiltPort a solution for me ?

The TiltPort system is modular and scalable, Plug n'Play and customizable. A business can own 1, 2, 3...150 TiltPort units, as many as needed to meet their needs. TiltPort can power pumps, buildings, vehicle charging, batteries, etc. The TiltPort system can be connected to the grid or off grid, or it can support a microgrid. TiltPort can be built with clearances from 8' to 16'. TiltPort can be waterproof, equipped with lighting, cameras, sensors, speakers, etc.

There is a TiltPort configuration for every business. If there isn't, we'll spec it with you.

Do you need it ?

TiltPort: do you need it ?

Agriculture and food processing are energy based activities. But energy cost and availability are under threat. Future proof your business with TiltPort.

Agriculture can be extremely productive in California (and other states) thanks to an ideal combination of heat, irrigation, fertile soil and skilled, eco-friendly farmers. As California and most of the US experience higher temperatures, the potential for better crops increases. On the other hand, more heat and deeper droughts mean irrigation is more critical than ever for agriculture.

Irrigation relies on water and energy. The more farmers invest in smart irrigation technologies, the more they need reliable and affordable power. Water can be smartly used, saved, stored ?  So is energy.

Is solar TiltPort your solution ?

What other solar system is 40% more efficient, uses NO cultivable land, is Plug n'Play and remotely controlled, ready to install in 1+1 days and provides waterproof shelter for vehicles and goods?

Aren't farmers climate change fighters already ?

Aren't farmers climate chage fighters already ?

With their managing the land, their water management and their large energy needs, farmers are so the most powerful players if we are to profitably defeat climate change. TiltPort is one of the best tools at their disposal. TiltPort is able to power all of their activities with zero CO2 emissions.

Can you afford not to ?

TiltPort: can you afford not to ?

Pumps, buildings, processes, vehicles, etc. are going electric, and reliable electricity is now a critical business need. But, if electricity is vital, how are owners protected against:

- endless power outages (wildfires, grid overload, etc.) ?

- endless utility rate hikes

Here is an overview of California recent rate hikes:

California elctric rate hikes
California baseline rate increase over time

Once your solar TiltPort has been paid for (usually in just a few years), then your business is secure: it will enjoy free power for many years just by having a solar canopy while other struggle to pay ever higher electric bills.

Here is an overview of California power outages:

California power outages
California power outages
California power outages
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