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TiltPort: efficient suntracking solar carport tilts to track the sun

TiltPort: the suntracking carport.

Logo Scarlet Solar TiltPort

+44% energy*

44%* more energy output
More efficient, more profitable

Modular, Plug n' Play, Installed in hours
7 years track record in the field
Lowest KWh cost

Scarlet-Solar-TiltPort suntracting solar carport-powers agriculture farm. Waterproof roof is a solar barn

The Scarlet Solar TiltPort efficiency advantage

Scarlet-Solar-TiltPort-suntracking-commercial solar-carport production-gain

* 44.6%  gain measured on Scarlet Solar TiltPort demo site in California.

Data for this example: 180° azimuth, tracking -30°/+30°, vs traditional carport fixed 10° East. Results may vary based on configuration.

Scarlet Solar TiltPort yields much better solar ROI
Scarlet-Solar-TiltPort-commercial suntracking solar carport in commercial property
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